Hi my name is Justin and I love building apps!

I'm a self-taught developer focusing primarily on JavaScript and C#. Most of my projects are built using React and Redux for state management. I've recently been experimenting with Redux-Observable which I find very interesting and incredibly useful. I enjoy building responsive web applications that allow users to intuitively navigate and use them.
This webpage is built using plain HTML/JS/CSS and Webpack to package it up. The background images are all photos that I have taken. Check out the source code on GitHub.

Check out my other projects.

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Phone Trivia

Phone Trivia is a single or multi-player mobile centered trivia game. The questions are sourced from the open source trivia database from The game is built using React with Redux and Redux-Observable to manage the browser state with an Express/PostgreSQL backend. I'm actively working on this project and adding more features. Have a look at the repo Phone Trivia or try out the game yourself at


The Halyeda project is a datalogger setup to monitor conditions in and around my apartment. This is a carry over from an older project that I built to monitor a hot water recirculation pump. It has since turned into a tool to combine the internal room temperature, light levels, and other external values to get a better picture of the environment. A small IOT device (Electric Imp) is used to gather the data and then send it to the backend server. This project is also built with React/Redux frontend and an Express/Postgres backend. Check out the GitHub page for more information.

Card Decoder Tool

The Card Decoder Tool is a utility to assist with the decoding of the raw binary values returned from a Wiegand RFID card reader. When you are working with unknown card types it is often necessary to find a known card number from within the raw value to determine which bits contain the card number. This tool assists with this process by doing the normally tedious conversion work for you. Along with this I have built an Arduino board that allows you to directly input data into the tool via USB. The repository also includes the Arduino code.
Server Monitor screenshot

Server Monitor

I've recently had to deploy a large number of virtual machines with a assortment of Windows services that should be running at all times as well as a variety of hardware devices taht need to be online. To help keep track of this I build this Server Monitor project to provide a visual representation of the state of all services and devices. There are 2 pieces to this project, the server side NodeJS monitoring service and the client page. This is a work in progress as I work to add some better state management to the client page.